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10:31am 15/05/2006
  Hi2all! ^_^  
i'm just interested 
05:08pm 27/06/2004
  is there somebody who's gonna take a part in WCG2004???  
The interview with a gamer from New Zealand 
01:39pm 18/05/2004
mood: high

Katrusia: Hi, it's nice to talk to you, how are you?

Cody: Hi, thanks, i'm fine, you?

Katrusia: Me too, thanks. So tell me and everybody something about you and your life as a gamer, please.

Cody: I'm 24. I first was introduced to Quake by my sister in '98 or '99. I decided I liked shooting fake people. Then I moved cities and spent about a year (2002?) without a regular computer access. I moved in with geeks in early 2003, and have since played Diablo, Civilisation, Doom, Balduar Gate, Ice Wind Dale, Myst etc.
I am also involved in online roleplaying games.

Katrusia: It's very interesting. Are you a member of some team or clan in your city or country?

Cody: No, i'm not in any clans, but I know people that are.

Katrusia: Do you take part in some championships or you play only for yourself?

Cody: I play for myself or against mates. Never any championships, but once fragged  but in a room full of people at a home lan... very sweet memory that, as they included the ones who taught me how to play Quake and who had better (more regular) access to gaming.

Katrusia: Do you have some other hobbies or interests except cybergames?

Cody: My other hobbies and interests include swordfighting, table-top roleplaying and fanfiction.

Katrusia: Your opinion on girls in cybersport?

Cody:  My opinion on single-sex lans? -- Pointless. Guys are guys, and have never treated me as a second-class gamer at anything.
So at mixed-gender lans porn will be leeched at some point. So what? As long as it's not kiddy-porn I don't care; no one gets hurt.

 Katrusia:  Well Cody, it was nice to talk to you. Thanks a lot. Bye

Cody: You're welcome, bye.

I need a team! 
11:07am 09/05/2004
mood: giddy
Hey, I just signed up on this community. I hope someone answers. I need at least 3 other UT 2004 players to join me in the CPL tournament this year. It would help if you guys were 17 and older! Thanks!
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It's just a begining.... 
06:28pm 29/04/2004
mood: amused
I don't know why but it's easier for me to write in English now...
I don't play any cybergames atm, but I did. I started with Q2, then Q3, then Counter_Strike, then WarCraft3, then Unreal_Tournament, now nothing... Don't ask me why I've stopped, there are too many reasons... But I always like the gamers' community and I indeed admire some gamers!
GL & HF!
to be continued...